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Arys Brows Permanent Make-Up Training
Arys Brows Permanent Make-Up Training
Eyebrow Treatment


End of Year Course Dates are Now Available! Are you Looking to start a New Career? Become A Permanent Make-Up Artist Today! Below Are the Life Change Permanent Make-up Training Courses that Arys Brows Offers. Choose From Ombre Brow/Microblading Training or Lip Blush/Permanent Eyeliner Tattooing and More..... 2024 Course Calendar Coming Soon!

                About Your Instructor

Meet Your Permanent makeup instructor Aryienne Cargle she is highly skilled and knowledgeable professional who specializes in teaching and training individuals in the art and techniques of permanent makeup application. Aryienne Cargle possess a deep understanding of various cosmetic procedures, including eyebrow microblading, eyeliner tattooing, and lip shading. With her expertise, she will guide and mentor you, providing comprehensive instruction on proper sterilization, safety protocols, color theory, and client consultation. Aryienne Cargle possess excellent communication skills, patience, and a passion for helping others succeed in the field of permanent makeup. Want to Know more about Ary? Follow her on Arysbrows social media and YouTube! Ary Also gives in-site on P.M.U. and Show case interaction with Real Client, Real Student and Real Results. 

Permanent Make-Up Trainer Aryienne Cargle

2024 Course Date Available!

We also have 1-on-1 Training that works with Students schedules!

Join Us As The P.M.U Industry Grows!

Are Struggling Financially? Gain Your Financial Freedom Today!

"Become a trusted expert: Permanent makeup requires precision and expertise. By undergoing professional training with Arys Brows, you will gain the necessary skills to create flawless, natural-looking results. Clients will trust your expertise, leading to a loyal customer base and positive word-of-mouth referrals." Arys Brows also Offers Amazing Support System!
Successful Permanent Make-Up Students

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Arys Brows and Permanent Make-Up

Have You Been Thinking About Changing Lives? Or Even Just Changing Your own life?

"Make a positive impact: Permanent makeup can be life-changing for individuals with medical conditions, such as alopecia or scarring. By mastering this technique, you can help restore confidence and self-esteem in your clients, making a meaningful difference in their lives."
Learn how to Become A Permanent Make-Up Artist Ohio

 "Boost your income potential: With permanent makeup training with Arys Brows, you can significantly increase your earning potential. By providing long-lasting solutions for eyebrows, lips, and eyeliner, or correcting botched Permanent Make-Up. You can charge premium prices and generate a steady stream of income."

Permanent Make-Up Training Certificate

Are You Still Thinking About Training?

How To Get Permanent Make-Up Training Information


It was an amazing experience! It was my first time every doing anything to my brows. Ary talk me through the whole process and made sure I was comfortable! Just the overall feel from the facility was amazing, it was very calm and peaceful almost like a home feel! I most definitely will be going back because I am in love with my brows and many people have already complimented me on them! I walked out the door with a smile as big as Ronald Mcdonald feeling like a super model !!!!!!!!

Ary was absolutely amazing. Super sweet & professional!! The facility is very clean & neat. Over I had a great experience!! Highly recommended


Ary's Brows is a very nice place professional place and does an awesome job be looking very nice when I leave out would recommend please go check her out will not be disappointed 😊

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