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Come Learn the Artistry Of Ombre Brows and Microblading with ArysBrows!

The Total cost for this course is $3500 USD
Deposit: $500(included in total cost)*Deposit non-refundable 3Day Training Course


Course Description

Ombre Brows/Microblading Training

The Total for this class is $3500 USD
Deposit: $500(included in total cost)*Deposit non-refundable


Course Description:
• This class is for anyone; from beginners to more experienced students looking to improve their technique (No prior machine experience required)
• Techniques students will learn in this course:
• Intro to Ombre Brows and Microblading Technique.
• Skin Analysis. Skin and Needle Contact.
• Basic Color Theory. Color Wheel in Semi-Permanent Makeup.
• Patch Testing, Allergic Reactions. How to Do Patch Test.
• Preventing Eyebrow from  Change. Pigment Retention.
• Measurements and Symmetry
• Classical Eyebrow Measurements.
• Face Proportions & Measurements. Improving Individual Facial Features with Brows.
• Brows Design and Shaping. Practice - Creating Beautiful Symmetric Brows.
• 3 Hair Flow Patterns.
• Creating Hair Flow. Practice.
• Blade & Needle Sizes. Configurations.
• Multi Blade Method. Intro Soft Ombre Technique.
• Pen and Blade Assembly - Proper Positioning and Angle. Practice.
• The Key Rules of Microblading & Ombre Brows.
• Topical Anesthetics. Painless Procedure.
• Creating First Brows. Practice on Latex. Hair-Strokes Flow.
• Practice on Mannequin.
• Correcting Errors at Work.
• Safety, Sanitization and Sterilization.
• Forms: Medical History Form, Informed Consent Form, Before and Aftercare
• Safe Work Environment. Secure Workspace & Procedures.
• Cross Contamination. Health and Safety.
• Approximate Daily Healing Schedule.
• Complete Table with Materials Required for Microblading. Where to Buy It.
• Live models will be practiced on. Instead, students will practice on latex skin and observe as Instructor demonstrates the full procedure on a live model. Recording is permitted for personal use only.
• Students will receive a full kit (a Pro machine, needles, Pigment , and more.)
• Receive a Certification of Completion directly following the course.
• Continuous support and guidance even after completion of the course (Students may contact instructor directly with questions)

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