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Lip blushing and Permanent Eyeliner is becoming more and more popular these days, It has exploded over the last few years.  Arys Brows offers Lip Blush and Permanent Eyeliner Tattoo Training. This 4 Day Training will help you advance your P.M.U Career!

Permanent Lip Stick, Lip Blush Tattoo, Lip Neutralizer Training
Permanent Eyeliner Training

Course Description

Lip blushing and Permanent Eyeliner Training

The Total for this class is $2,750 USD
Deposit: $500(included in total cost)*Deposit non-refundable   
Course Description: 
• This class is for anyone; from beginners to more experienced students looking to improve their technique (No prior machine experience required)
• Techniques students will learn in this course:
• Intro to
Lip blushing and Permanent Eyeliner Training Technique.
Lip blushing Method
• Skin Analysis. Skin and Needle Contact.
• Basic Color Theory. Color Wheel in Semi-Permanent Makeup.
• Patch Testing, Allergic Reactions. How to Do Patch Test. Preventing Lips and Eyeliner from Color Change. Pigment Retention.
• Measurements and Symmetry
• Lip Design and Shaping. Practice - Creating Beautiful Symmetric Lips.
• Lip and Eyeliner Flow Patterns.
• Creating Lip and Eye Flow. Practice.
• Blade & Needle Sizes. Configurations.
• Pen and Blade Assembly - Proper Positioning and Angle. Practice.
• The Key Rules of Lip and Eyeliner PMU.
• Guidelines for Perfect Technique.
• Topical Anesthetics. Painless Procedure.
• Creating First Lips and Eyeliner. Practice on Latex. Lip and Eyeliner Flow.
• Safety, Sanitization and Sterilization.
• Forms: Medical History Form, Informed Consent Form, Before and Aftercare
• Safe Work Environment. Secure Workspace & Procedures.
• Cross Contamination. Health and Safety.
• Complete Table with Materials Required for Eyeliner and Lip Blush. Where to Buy It.
• This class will cover the full Lip Blush and Eyeliner techniques step by step.
• No live models will be practiced on. Instead, students will practice on latex skin and observe as Instructor demonstrates the full procedure on a live model. Recording is permitted for personal use only.
• Students will receive a full kit.
• Receive a Certification of Completion directly following the course.
• Continuous support and guidance even after completion of the course (Students may contact instructor directly with questions)

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