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Saline Removal

Saline Removal is a Permanent Make-up Removal Service! If you suffer from unwanted Permanent Make-up, Saline Removal maybe Perfect for you! All clients that are looking to receive Saline Removal must Schedule a Consultation. Unless they are in an Emergency Removal Situation! If you are in an Emergency Situation, Please Contact Arys Brow with in 24-48hrs if receiving Permanent Make-up for Emergency Removal

Permanent Eyebrow Makeup

Emergency Removal

  • Emergency Removal is unwanted Tattoos, or Permanent Make-up that has been received in 24-48hr.

  • If you have received Permanent Make-up or Unwanted Tattoo and would like Emergency Removal do not wait.

  • After 24-48 hours Emergency Saline Removal will not be an option.

Saline Removal

  • Saline Removal Service may require Multiple Session, before Clients can or will achieve their desired look!

  • *Clients Permanent Make-up must be fully healed before receiving Saline Removal.

  • Healing time is 4-6 week from last PMU service.

  • If it is an Emergency call for Emergency removal with in 24-48 hrs. of Service received. 

  • Clients that are looking to receive Removal must schedule a Consultation prior to removal services.

  • Saline Removal is not for all old Permanent Make-up some PMU May need Laser Removal 

  • Clients should not schedule a tattoo cover up or new PMU tattoo while they are healing from saline removal.

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