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What are you waiting for? The average worries of a Person that really wants Permanent Make-Up! The Top 5 Reason why clients say they are nerves to get P.M.U.

Article By: Aryienne Cargle

Permanent Make-Up
Top Reasons why Permanent Make-Up Makes Clients Nervous

The average worries of a Person that really wants Permanent Make-Up! The Top 5 Reason why clients say they are nerves to get P.M.U.

  1. Botched Work

At Arys Brows we specialize in permanent make-up corrections. The number 1 consultations we have are for botched permanent make-up. Also on the flip side the number 1 worry for most clients is being botched. One of the top hit shows in The United States is Botched. This is the main reason why people do not want permanent make-up. The thought of getting something you don't want and a not being able to get it off is terrifying. Thank God, there are now removal services for these types of issues. Be botched can happen from a lot of things. The main 4 reasons are. 1. Bad training. 2. The Artist being distracted. 3. Unrealistic expectations of clients. 4. Artist not knowing when to say NO!

Photo Shop
Photo Shop Permanent Make-Up Filters

2. Photo Shop, Filters and Stolen Photos

Photo shop and stolen photos can be a major issue when it comes to looking for the perfect artist. Alot of clients see unrealistic photos and it causes unrealistic expectation for the clients and the artists. When I first started permanent make-up, I was really nervous. One of the biggest issues was the content I saw. I felt inadequate when it came to looking at other Artist's work. One day while sitting with my mom I told her how I felt, and she looked at a photo I had seen online and started laugh. I was already irritated so I asked her what was funny. She said you can't compete with photo shop. I was astonished a lot of photos online had been touched up. Alot of clients are nervous to get permanent make-up, because they do not know what is realistic. They see the photos online that have been touch-up or filtered. Alot of people also see stock photos or stolen photos from artist that have worked hard. The thought of the unknown can be scary to clients.

Clients should research and do consultations first.

3.Cancel Cultures

There is also the newly widespread of cancel culture. The sad thing about cancel culture is it gives permanent make-up a bad name. When it comes to Permanent Make-up the good work is always seen or sometimes overlooked. Oh, but the bad work goes viral. From places like TMZ to Baller Alert to every P.M.U. artist wanting more likes and views they use bad work as an example or a topic point. The truth is this is scaring potential clients. When all you see is the bad work, whether it be on social media or seeing someone with bad work it makes people that were once interested uninterested.

Permanent Make-Up on Social Media
Social Media

4.  Social Media

Social media is the number 1 place people go to for their information now. Social media can be very misleading and very bias when it comes to knowledge about Permanent Make-Up. Social media has paid ads so the best artist does not always win when it comes to getting the client. Whoever pays the most for ads and content reach usually gets the most exposer. Social media also can fool potential clients on what to look for based off of page presence. If the artist does not invest in marketing or learning the platform. Page presence effects the potential clientele. Lack of content. When clients do not see a lot of work from an artist, they assume that the artist does not have experience. This often ends with clients ending up with an Artist that they do not prefer, but at the time that is what they thought was the only availability, because that's what they saw.

5. The thought of it being Permanent

Alot of clients are miss informed regrading permanent make-up. Permanent Make-up is not a traditional tattoo. Eventually if done correctly it is supposed to fade. When clients see the word permanent it makes them nervous. Which it should rightfully so do. Permanent Make-up if done correctly fades with in 1-5 years.

Now, that you know what makes people nervous about permanent make-up. What are you waiting for? I would love to hear your story or what makes you nervous about Permanent Make-up! Or maybe you're an Artist? What makes you nervous about working with clients? Name somethings that could be stopping you from giving or receive permanent make-up. Remember Our Top Five

1.Botched Work

2.Photo Shop, Filters and Stolen Photos

3.Cancel Cultures

4.Social Media

5.The thought of it being Permanent

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