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"Permanent Make-Up: The Ultimate Beauty Trend to Enhance Your Look" Top 5 talked about services!

Trending Permanent Make-Up
Permanent Make-Up Trends

Article By: Aryienne Cargle Owner of Arys Brows LLC.

Permanent Make-Up is what everyone is talking about in the beauty world these days. The slogan wake-up with make-up can be found in hashtags and captions nation and worldwide!

Let's talk about some of the top sought after techniques in 2024!

At the top of Arys Brows list, we will Place Brow Tinting at number 1.! This may seem very taboo or wrong for some, but I'll explain why Brow Tinting Henna is as in the category. It is a temporary tattoo. Permanent Make-Up

  1. Brow Tinting Brow tinting is often slept on when it comes to the permanent make-up industry. Unlike other services that cut into the skin, Brow tinting is classified as a Semi-permanent temporary tattoo, if it is done in the form of Henna. Which Brow Henna can stain the skin from 1-2 weeks. The reality is at least half of permanent make-up clients are nervous, or scared before receiving permanent make-up and brow tint tends to help with client's anxieties with the permanent make-up process. This helps lead up to the transition of wanting something more permanent. Brow Tinting is one of the top selling services in the make-up beauty industry, because of how quickly it can be done and the ability to have it removed without trauma if the client decides they do not want it anymore.

  2. Micro-Shading is the best Brow Permanent Make-Up service for all skin types. Not every client is obsessed with this, or these looks, but if done properly it will give the client beautiful long-lasting eyebrows with the least number of touch-ups. Micro-Shading also known as Ombre Brows, Powdered Brows, or Pixelated Brows. This is the Best Permanent Make-Up Brow service aside from Microblading which is old faithful and Nano Brows which is very new to the industry. This already make-up up looking brow is the true definition of wake-up with Make-up.

  3. Lip Blush Tattoo Everyone and when I say everyone wants lips. Lip Blush Tattooing has been hot on the blogs and social media outlets lately. The biggest discussed topic is the abnormal swelling that you can see at the end of a lot of services that we see on before and after pics. This swelling goes down with in 48 hours after the services, but a lot of the clients wish it was here to stay. Lip Blush Tattoo is great for any client looking for bigger brighter or fuller lips in a more nature way. Lip Blush tattoo also has a lot fewer side effects also well when put up against fillers and injections.

  4. Permanent Eyeliner Permanent Eyeliner and be a touchy must have. The average person that wears eyeliner puts it on every day. Majority of the clients that have permanent eyeliner you cannot tell if properly done. The client looks as if they have the perfect make-up enhancement products. Imagine asking a friend where you got that eyeliner just to find out its permanent make-up. Now you have to have it, because not having to spend 10-30 minutes getting you perfect winged eye is now in.

  5. BB-Glow Facials Fresh youthful looking skin is always and always has been in. BB-glow facials are becoming more popular. We have come to find that the service is still very new and a lot of clients what to know more information about the service, because the combination of semi-permanent foundation for the facial pair with micro-needling has not been on the scene and is very new to the industry.

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